CBCT Scanners San Antonio, TX

Thanks to 3D technology like CBCT scanning in San Antonio, TX, we’re able to provide accurate dental implant placement in both routine and complex situations in San Antonio.

CBCT advancements at The Root Canal Doctor in San Antonio, Texas provides a three-dimensional assessment of your oral anatomy, unlike two-dimensional images seen in traditional dental X-rays. This added visualization makes it possible to install implants in a way that maximizes your bone anatomy without needing secondary procedures like grafting or sinus lifts.


If you’ve ever had a panoramic, full-mouth X-ray taken, then you already know what it’s like to have a CBCT scan made. This special piece of equipment circles your face while you rest your chin on a small prop and bite onto a positioning device. The entire scan takes under a minute to complete. All you have to do is hold still.

We’ll set you back into the exam chair while the computer processes your scan. Within just a few moments, we’ll have the three-dimensional model available to view on a computer screen.


When you’re getting dental implants in San Antonio, TX, you need a dental provider who has the experiences and resources available to ensure the best treatment outcome. At The Root Canal Doctor, having 3D imagery allows us to adjust how your implants are installed so that they’re secure and available to more people (especially those who may not be a traditional candidate for such treatment because of bone loss.)

Adjusting the installation, including angles and depth your implant is installed, positions you at a better chance of success. With the right care, your new dental implants can last for the rest of your life

The Root Canal Doctor offers a variety of smile reconstruction services to help you put your best face forward. Schedule your exam and CBCT scan today!