Cracked Teeth San Antonio, TX

Cracked teeth in San Antonio, TX can cause severe pain, and chronic irritation, and be extremely difficult to diagnose (depending on the size of the fracture.) In most cases, they’re noticeable when pressure is placed on the tooth while biting down or chewing.

When not in use, a cracked tooth may not hurt at all. Our San Antonio endodontist has special resources available to determine if your tooth is cracked or not.

Pressure on a cracked tooth can cause irritation to the nerve inside of it, especially when microscopic movement occurs between the two fractured pieces. Once the pressure is relieved, the crack closes and causes sharp pain to the underlying pulp (nerve) tissues. Gradually, bacteria can seep in through the crack, causing discomfort even if you aren’t using the tooth. An abscess may also develop.

Fortunately, The Root Canal Doctor in San Antonio, Texas can help you save your smile and treat chronic dental pain!

Types of Cracked Teeth

The type of dental fracture you have will determine the method of treatment necessary to repair it. At The Root Canal Doctor, we frequently see the following types of tooth cracks in San Antonio, TX:

Craze Lines — These are small, superficial cracks on the outermost layer of tooth enamel. They are solely aesthetic and do not cause functional damage.

Fractured Cusps/Crowns — Large visible cracks are often the result of untreated decay, aged fillings, or accidental damage (such as biting down on something hard.) As long as the nerve is untouched, a protective crown is usually all that’s necessary to repair the tooth.

Treatable Cracks —A typical cracked tooth will start at the top and work its way towards the root. Such fractures extend into the nerve chamber, damaging the pulp tissue inside. The key is to treat the crack with a root canal before it worsens and results in tooth loss.

Split Tooth (Whole) —Once a crack has traveled vertically through the tooth and split the root, it’s usually impossible to physically save the entire structure. However, The Root Canal Doctor may be able to restore a portion of your tooth.

Vertical Root Fractures —At times, a fracture can start at the root and work its way upwards. Symptoms are often unnoticed, or very mild. Treating it early with a root canal or apicoectomy in our San Antonio office can prevent the need for an extraction.

Treating cracked teeth requires expert care. Visit our San Antonio endodontic specialist today for a consultation!